Cousins will return to New York in the warm-up match

According to the NBC report, DeMarcus – Test sings or possible injury to the team in the United States Wednesday.
Cousins in training last week when he hurt his knee LeBron 11, so the absence of the United States and the Brazil team’s warm-up match.
Cousins said that he will soon return, and nuclear magnetic resonance showed no serious.
The message says, Cousins will be in the United States on Wednesday, against the United States and Dominica’s warm-up match in New York.
If he can really return so quickly, that for Cousins it is a good news, which means that he is more likely to be selected for the final list of 12 National People’s congress LeBron 11 Low.
Coach K choose to use a small lineup in Brazil and the team’s warm-up match. Kenneth – Farid, Ross, Haddon, curry and Anthony – Davies starts. Andre – Drummond and Gordon – Hayward and DeMar Derozan did not get the opportunity to play.
The message that the United States team general manager Krone Gillo will select 13 players to Spain and began that day to cut the last person in the August 30th competition. It looks really is an unnecessarily cruel decision, but no matter how the possibility of return will increase in Cousins LeBron 11.

The United States against Brazil in pre-season four first-episode or confirmed

According to news sources said that the United States Lebron XII Shoes confirmed tomorrow against Brazil’s warm-up first four five.
According to informed sources, the four is Derek – Ross, James harden, Stephen curry and Anthony Davies.
It is worth mentioning that the king players DeMarcus – Xin Si test no tomorrow’s warm-up match, Anthony and Davies because the neck discomfort missed today’s practice.
Tomorrow against Brazil is the United States first summer warm-up match Lebron 12 Shoes Wholesale.

The new FMVP for top earners

Have to admit Leonard new finals MVP Kowhai – is a very talented player, but his appetite is not too big? According to “basketball insider” columnist Steve – Keller reports, and the Spurs in contract negotiations, Leonard for a maximum contract, which may force the spurs him to test the free agent market.
Last season, the Spurs won the championship, really thanks largely to Leonard. In this year’s finals, Leonard averaged 17.8 points and 6.4 rebounds, and the finals MVP in NBA history to sixth finals MVP non all star player, before one is Chauncey Billups, Leonard will also be finals MVP third young player in NBA history to win.
In the 2011 draft, Leonard pick the Pacers were selected in the first round of the fifteenth, then swap and George – Hill club. At present, Leonard is still 4 years with $8640000 of his rookie contract, the contract will expire in the summer of 2015, this summer, the Spurs have a team option. The Spurs are very confident in before the start of the season and Leonard to complete his contract, but because of Leonard’s appetite and variables exist.
According to sources, the Spurs and Leonard is indeed in the talks, but Leonard has asked for a max contract. Considering that Gordon – Hayward (four years, $63000000) and Chandler Parsons (micro blog) (three years, $46000000), contract, this is not to say that Leonard was not being a max contract, but the Spurs just gave Tim Deng Kending paid contract, so take this into consideration, they do not seem to be a top salary contract to Leonard.
In this case, Leonard could be a free agent in the summer of 2015, but the bottom line is that the Spurs will not let him leave. Bird Spurs have Leonard, new labor agreement tend to help the home team keep young players, this also let the Spurs in the league only a can open five years more than $90000000 contract team to Leonard, the biggest contract the other team can provide for four years the total value of slightly less than $70000000.
So the Spurs will not rush and Leonard contract, unless the new FMVP can accept less than the maximum contract. On the other hand, Leonard will have his concern, in view of the Paul – George hurt in that accident, Leonard will worry about something in the next season, that will lead to their market value decline. So the Spurs and Leonard’s contract talks, is actually a game.
In the 2013-14 season during the regular season, Leonard averaged 29.1 minutes of playing time, can get 12.8 points, 6.2 rebounds and 2 assists. Throughout his career, Leonard averaged 28 minutes of playing time, can get 10.9 points, 5.8 rebounds, 1.6 assists and 1.6 steals.

Walter: I have been overlooked

August 11, according to U.S. media reports, the week before the U.S. national basketball team laid off – John Wall, Bradley – Bill and Paul – Paul Millsap three players. The losing team let Wall kindled a fight, next season he will take this as motivation to strive for good performance Nike LeBron 11.
“I think every team wants to become a player, who is not thought of it? Now I have more power. Wall said,” I think I was again overlooked, I think I have to prove himself again. ”
- John Wall last season to usher in the outbreak career. The total number of assists in the regular season he was the league’s most, he averaged 19.3 points, 8.8 assists and 1.8 steals per game, and he averaged three hits for the 1.3, which proved his shooting ability to continuously improve.
Wall has become the league’s top defender, the team suffered layoffs, I believe he will be next season positive performance Nike LeBron 11 Elite.

The new season schedule is expected on Thursday introduced table

August 11, according to the United States “ring insider” reports, NBA league in the United States is expected to Time August 13 (Nike Kobe 9 EM) the introduction of specific new season schedule table.
Union arrangements for each season’s schedule will do well in the deployment of relevant staff will arrange for the relevant team at a given time, according to some things happen in the league meet, so the game will be more topical.
According to Union relevant sources, LeBron will lead his knights to American Airlines Center (Miami home) challenges he has played for four teams in the new season of Christmas. And love and hatred between his teammates and the Heat will also be people relish Nike Kobe 9 Shoes.

Ray Allen will decide whether to continue the campaign in September

According to the famous American basketball website “Real GM” reported that currently remains a free Nike Kobe 9 EMagent veteran – Ray Allen will decide in September whether to continue the campaign NBA. Prior to joining heard he is likely to re-welcome back James Cavaliers.
“It was August, and I do not want to rush to make a decision,” – Ray Allen at the time the United States Friday night after a charity event and said, “I wanted to wait until September and then look at yourself how it feels (Nike Kobe 9 Shoes).”
Allen has over 39 years of age, has been working hard 18 seasons in the NBA, won two championship honors. As the Miami Heat last season he played 26 minutes off the bench, averaging contributed 9,6 points.

Raptors second-round pick will go to Australia to play

According to “Real GM” reported the Toronto Raptors in the second round draft pick in this year’s rookie Dean Del – Daniels at the end of this month will join Australia’s Perth Wildcats, he will open his career overseas. and this is the Raptors general manager Marseille – Fiuggi in recommendations Nike LeBron XII.
“I’m going to Australia to play ball for four months, which is a long journey, and then I will come back, with the Raptors expedition NBA,” Daniels said, “I will not treat this negative, I think it is a positive factor, I’ll be there trying to be, and then get better. ”
Daniels on behalf of University of Connecticut last season played, games can get 13.1 points and 6.0 rebounds. Previously representative Raptors played in five summer league games. Daniels for him to leave school early without regret Chaussures Lebron 12.
“I do not regret,” he said, “I will spend four months in Australia, I will strive to become even better, and then return to the Raptors. God has arranged everything everyone has a different destiny, I can control is within the scope of my ability to do that’s what I’ll keep progress. “

Ross has returned to the top level

United States men’s basketball coach Don K interview today again praised Derek – Ross LeBron 12 Shoe state, he said Ross not only return from injury, but has returned to the top level.
Over the past two seasons, suffered injuries due to continuous, Ross played only 10 games. USA Basketball training camp last week, is the first public training and competition Ross, his stunning performance in training and Tournament.
“He missed the game for so long, and now back to the top level, seems to be telling people, ‘I’m not just a comeback, but returned to the top level’.” Coach K said. “Derek week’s performance is very amazing, he demonstrated the speed, strength and skill, he is now the state let us excited he is really great, we are all happy for him Lebron 12 Shoes For Sale.”
Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau was an assistant coach the United States men’s basketball team, he believes the United States men’s basketball team’s training helps Ross back the state. “Our training is usually a half hour, no more than two hours, and all non-combat training, Tournament players have also opened space, little physical contact.” Coach Tom Thibodeau said. “This is a good opportunity for Ross Lebron 12.”
“But Ross need a step by step, this is very important,” coach Tom Thibodeau warned. “Ross is good training match, but after all, not the NBA level. Now he looks great, physical reaction is also very good, but he has not played an official game for two years a.”
USA Basketball next stage of training will commence in Chicago, but the Bulls fans can not wait to see Rose’s performance Cheap Lebron 12 Shoes.

Pacers actively seek Marion

It is reported that the Pacers are Lebron 12 actively pursuing Shawn – Shawn Marion.
Soon the free agent market opened, the Pacers had contacted Marion. Paul – after George unfortunate injury, they are more eager to introduce Marion reinforcing the 3rd place.
Marion has met with Knight management, and look forward to playing with James Marion, Carrefour, although the Knights can only provide veteran salary Cheap Lebron 12 Shoes.
After leaving the Knights, as well as Marion’s itinerary on multiple teams. Last season, Shawn – Shawn Marion had 10.4 points and 6.5 rebounds in 76 games he could.

James has already met with Cavaliers coach and general manager

According to reporter Brian Windhorst LeBron 12 Shoe news, in order to prepare for a new season, LeBron – James and the Cavaliers coach David – Blatter and general manager David – Griffin were met, it is the first time the two sides met.
After deciding to join the Cavaliers, James has been busy commercial activities, after he just had to communicate by telephone with Blatter and Griffin.
Cavaliers leaner management saw James, and James recently is weight reduction, has now subtract more than 10 pounds. These slightly “slim” photos have been sent James on a personal social account.
Maybe next season, taking into account their position may change, James decided to lose weight, focus on playing the 3rd place. When in Miami, James had to gain weight, occasionally playing the 4th place.
Yesterday there was news that Knight has reached a verbal agreement with the Lebron 12 Shoes For Sale, Carrefour will join the Knights next season.
The Cavaliers are still recruiting, they met yesterday, free agent Shawn – Shawn Marion.