The 24th NBA: Blazers owner donated $ 100 million Maika Wei on the 14th comeback

Heat even cut three players
News from Miami, reporter Ira – Undeman reported, Miami laid off three players, namely the back line of Taylor – Johnson – Larry Drew II and the forward line of Sean – Jones. Nike KD 6Among them – Larry Drew II is a former Hawks coach Larry – Drew’s son. Heat a large list of currently there are 16 players, in accordance with the regulations, must be reduced before the start of the regular season to 15, if you do not happen in exchange for a small transaction, then the player is likely to be Nike LeBron 12one of Dawkins or Birch. Retrenched three players, Jones’s contract for non-security, Drew and Johnson’s contract were $ 25,000 and $ 75,000 guarantee section.
Sun rookie thumb fracture
Phoenix Suns reports, this year’s No. 14 pick TJ- Warren left thumb fracture, return time is unknown. Warren is in the sun against the Lakers yesterday injured when his left thumb poked him in the Lakers players, but he himself considered the hook in a Lakers jersey. Warren, 21 years old, height 2Nike LeBron 11 meters 03, graduated from North Carolina State University, the University last season, Warren averaged 24.9 points 7.1 rebounds. Warren has represented before the sun participated in the preseason, averaging 4.4 points 2.4 rebounds.

Hot on the 24th NBA: New season, Nash Rockets two Titans leave reimbursement

1 Nash reimbursement due to a back injury this season
According to various media reports, Los Angeles, Los Angeles Lakers star – Stephen Nash back neurological problems because of the absence of the entire 14-15 season,2014 Lebron 11 Low more likely, Nash probably would choose to end his career early. Subsequently, the Lakers official also confirmed that Nash will miss the entire season games.
2 rockets and then lay off two Titans leave
Rockets general manager Daryl – Daryl Morey announced that the team has signed guard Marcus – Johnson, while striker cut Aguirre – Mitchell. “RealGM” reporter Sama Si – check Rania follow-up report, the Rockets also cut the forward Josh – Powell. At the same time, “Houston Chronicle” famous New Basketball Shoesreporter Jonathan – Fagan points out, Robert – Covington received some teams offer, he is being weighed.
3 exposed to the NOAA cuckold Ross
According to the American gossip media “terezowens” reported the Chicago Bulls oh you two key players a bit of trouble recently contradictions, and the reason turned out to be Ross stole the NOAA pursue long-girlfriend.
4. defend Kobe! Jenny comeback questioned
Earlier this week, ESPN columnist Henry – Abbott writer pointed out that the reasons for the decline of the Lakers in recent years is that many players do not wantNike LeBron 11 Low to come to Los Angeles to play with Kobe Bryant. Today, the Lakers vice president Jeanne – Bass responded that she did not dare to express any teammate Kobe Bryant made ​​the free players are losers.
5 Harden hope future Hall of Fame
According to the “Houston Chronicle” reported that in an interview, Harden said, have become accustomed to the outside of the target of criticism, but in his view, to help the Rockets red crown will be beneficial to their future Hall of Fame.

22 NBA: 76 people denied deliberately tanking Jimmy thumb ligament injury

Hawks even cut two teenager
With the preseason gradually into the end stage, the teams began to organize a variety of staff, according to reporter Chris – Weaver Rameau said, the Eagles have been laidScarpe da calcio off center Koster – Pittman and swingman gal Rael – Eddie. In the clean up after the two youngsters, the Hawks roster of which there are 15 people. Pittman and Eddie are the Eagles signed before the start of the preseason, but their performance in the preseason, which is not so satisfactory,Scarpe da Calcio Nike Vendite this is difficult to avoid the bad luck out.
Bargnani or absent opener
Knicks insider Andrea – Andrea Bargnani because of Achilles tendon injury, there is no cure sake, can play the regular season opener is still a problem. Bargnani has missed more than two weeks time, which would be the team’s inside rotation have been affected. As a 2006 draft pick, Bargnani Nike Calcio Tacchettivarious issues in the field constantly, in addition to being criticized defensive weakness, poor rebounding and a variety of entanglement injuries, let Bargnani has been unable to play worth to champion.

Jeremy Lin was Kobe Bryant praised the contribution of three incarnations For more ferocious defender

But after the game, when talking about his performance, Lin is still quite modest. He considers himself “in control of the game in terms of rhythm, there are still Nike Kobe 9 EMsome gaps, but the run through the next two preseason games, the new season open play time, the team will find a better state.”
In addition, Thomas spoke today on defense issues, the book Howard admits, “I experienced no small challenge, in the future (I) is clearly needed in this area more rapidly performance …… I think we need to have a stronger the desire to survive, hit the ball to the more violent and even moreNike Kids Sneakers dirty. For me personally, it hopes to become a more powerful defender, let others see an unprecedented Jeremy Lin. ”
In addition, when it comes to tomorrow’s game, the book ho also say he wanted to play, but for now, also depending on the physical conditions.
But apparently, the coach at Scott’s plan, he has a list of books uninhibited into the game tomorrow. “I think he’s in good shape, he still has a game tomorrow, Nike Lebron 11 I hope he can play the next two preseason games, and then a good state into the season and I wanted to give him some more opportunities, but that he adequate time to rest. played 27 minutes, I think this is a good balance.

MacArthur dissatisfied with the performance of the rocket in the second half injury confident and optimistic about Howard

Howard shows him completely for the first half and the Lakers opener signs of preparation to do, and he continually hit left-handed hook shot, even more impressive is his breakthrough at the end of the first half, Howard scored 15 points in 18 minutes eight rebounds. The second half began, Howard first touch on the right – Chris Bosh, left with a basic point Akira open each other, then completed Bosh dunk in the head.
Howard today’s game 7 of 10 shots to get 19 points, the last five all hit the ball. World of Warcraft is very satisfied with the performance of their own,Nike LeBron 12 “I have been a continuation of individual rehabilitation every day, continue to let their legs get stronger, to ensure a better sprint, so that they can more involved in the attack. This is my third fight preseason games, I’ll be ready for the regular season as soon as possible. “Howard played only three preseason games, the first two of them get six points for the Mavericks, scored 11 points for the Warriors.
Wow I show a strong and confident of their own,Cheap Lebron 12 Shoes a few days ago he had been looked down upon in response to questioning, he said he did not drag back injury, as long as the pace of the game will be able to enter the restricted area domination.
“We played very well in the first half,” Rockets coach Kevin – McHale said, “The second half was played lethargic, with the first team in the third quarter we played only five or six minutes.”
Rockets did not play the main base in the fourth quarter, the bench were unable to organize attacks, the Rockets bench total of nine turnovers in 29New Basketball Shoes voted 12 appears four times in 24 seconds illegal attack occurred. MacArthur said, “In the future we will not send the second team to play together, we will make the main and reserve mix with the regular season where we let Terrence – Jones, James – Harden, or together with a second team Howard . “

Every little beat 1 minute Celtic festival of fighting off the Nets made ​​using 44 minutes

In yesterday’s NBA preseason game, the Celtics away with 95 to 90 victory over the Nets. It is worth mentioning that this preseason, the Union for the first time 44 minutes the system, which is a single 11 minutes of the game.
About 44 minutes game system, the specific rules of each section is 11 minutes, canceled the second quarter and the fourth quarter of an official pause, intermission time by 15 minutes, reduced to 14 minutes. Yesterday, the Celtics defeated the Nets game, the audience took 1 hour 58 minutes,Nike LeBron 11 Low compared with the usual 48 minutes to shorten the game for 15-30 minutes.
44 minutes game system, is the offseason coaching session presented by Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle, after Nets coach Lionel Hollins and the Green Army coach Stevens consent before implementing the preseason game between the two sides in.
44 minutes game system can be shortened game time, reduce the number of pauses, making the game more fluid and have ornamental. At the same time, shorten the game time, you can also make the players get proper rest. If the 82 games of the regular season competition system used in all 44 minutes, Nike Lebron 12compared to the situation 48 minutes game system, calculated from the time the players can play seven games less, which is consistent with the players required to reduce the number of games played back to back games and needs.
Due to reduced competition screenings, will harm the interests of the players and the league, so keep screenings unchanged, reduced playing time, become an option for the future.
However, 44 minutes game system temporarily not appear in the other preseason and regular season games. Nets coach Lionel Hollins said, 44 minutes game system is not implemented in the short-term NBA game, most likely is the first trial in the NBDL League, the last possible apply toNike LeBron 11 the NBA regular season and playoffs.
About 44 minutes affect competition system, Hollins said: “This will not affect my formations, the first player’s playing time will not change much, bench time may be affected to some extent.”

Kobe Bryant with the Lakers heart turnaround Never underestimate a MVP of

On the 20th, NBA preseason continues, Lakers complete reversal in the case of home behind 22 points to beat the Jazz 98:91. Not only avenged the defeat of the stone three days ago, also terminated a three-game losing streak. The critical moment in the Lakers who come forward, it is Kobe Bryant, Nike KD 7a game he had 26 points, five assists and four rebounds, leading the team to complete reversal.
Over the past three games the Lakers not only lost the game, but also are defeated by a large margin, although at present only the preseason stage, the Lakers will hit morale, which prepare them for the new season quite unfavorable, so they need a very victory.
However, the process of the game, but not as good Nike LeBron 11 Lowas Kobe wish, Sir completely suppressed the Lakers in the first half, they came up with to get the 22-point lead, watched the Lakers also suffered a fiasco. At the occasion of the team in danger, Bryant to come forward, first hit two three-pointers, then completed three-point play attack. In this attack, led by Kobe Bryant, the Lakers before the end of the half shot a wave of counterattack climax, they trailed at halftime with 16 points. The second half Bryant maintained in good condition, he led the team to continue to counterattack, and finally the Lakers at home to achieve a reversal, won a long-lost victory – before the whistle when Bryant free throw line, Nike LeBron 11the Staples Center has sounded “MVP “cry, although this is only a preseason game, but you can see the fans on Bryant’s performance is quite satisfactory, they witnessed Bryant to play in the field are also waiting for a long time.

The 20th NBA: Kidd denied the right to ask for management Bulls starter undetermined

Bulls starting lineup has not been determined
ESPN reported that Chicago Bulls coach Tom – Thibodeau said the team’s starting lineup has not been determined, each player must be for the upcoming regular season to prepare.Nike LeBron 12 “We have some things that need time to decide, because we do not have a long enough time to observe the situation of playing with them,” Thibodeau said, “but for those players on the team before, we know what they are what kind of performance can play together,Nike Kobe 9 Shoes but our team has a lot of new players when the regular season opener comes, each player must be prepared, we must pay a great deal of effort. ”
Pelican defender Gordon back injury affect
Pelican guard Eric – Gordon before the preseason game against the Rockets suffered a back spasm, which he missed the team’s preseason game against the Thunder after. But Gordon back injury without problems, “I feel a lot better, a day after the game I would have been training,Air Jordan 11 I know this is a little hurt, just need a break, which is a small muscle spasm, and was gone. “Gordon said.

The book is expected to return against the Suns coach Howard: need to refer to their training status

Beijing October 20 news, the regular season has not yet started, the Los Angeles Lakers once again attacked by injuries tide, the current squad are already six people LeBron 11 Elite SEinto the injured list. But coach Byron – Scott said in an interview, the team point guard Jeremy Lin may Lakers comeback in Tuesday’s game against the Suns.
Had suffered a left ankle sprain Jeremy Lin, and twisting in training to the right ankle, but fortunately the injury is not serious, however, because of anKD VII Shoes Sale ankle injury, Jeremy Lin has missed three preseason games, coach Byron Scott said that could also play need to refer to Lin’s training status.
“We must participate in all training team,” Scott said, “forward and backwards is not a problem, more or cut, change direction, etc. We shall not see him (Lin) can do that, if Yes, it is possible to play the game on Tuesday. ”
Meanwhile, coach Scott also said 2014 Wholesale Jordan Shoesthat Jeremy Lin could also come back in the game today with the Jazz, but yesterday’s training, his recovery situation has not achieve the desired results, and today Jeremy Lin also only a few shots training.

Bryant: Randall if the state is still messed up slowly finding is an idiot

Bryant won 11 games free throws, which Bryant said:. “This is a personal challenge, and that is not a penalty throw free throw, I just want two free throws, instead of six or something.”
Lakers guard starting lineup today is Ronnie – Price, he got six points, 10 assists and four steals good data. “Ronnie – Price, God bless his heart, this guy is like the first half of the performance Energizer kid.” Bryant Price praise.
Teammate Randall played 20 minutes ofNike LeBron 12 the game, eight voted 4 to get 8 points, 5 rebounds and 2 blocked shots, Bryant rookie teammate has something to say, he thinks he and coach Byron – Scott’s guidance, Randall absolutely can not screw up. “This means that Randall can not screw up, he can not, and if so he can screw up, then he is an idiot .ESPN man is an idiot, but if you under my guidance or engage and Scott smashed, then you are more idiots. “Bryant said.
In today praised coach Scott Bryant,Lebron 12 Shoess performance. “He has a very good talent, the key is that he can bring them every game.” Scott said, in addition to Scott also said he liked Price’s vitality, focus on the degree and toughness.