Paul Westbrook fractures milestone Clippers opener retire Thunder two-game losing streak

The first section one up, perhaps the reason the opener, the Clippers team state is very tight. In contrast, the Thunder side, Westbrook, Ibaka consecutive cut points, hit his opponent a 8-0. But then, Griffin foul free throws, Barnes soared into the third, the Clippers back a little state. But the Air Jordan 2014Thunder side, Westbrook surprise that open pass mode, driven by his organization, the Thunder single kick six minutes ahead of the Clippers.
The second section, the advantages of the Clippers team depth is gradually revealed, Crawford-third plus free throws, chopped 5 points, helping the Clippers ahead score. Paul Jordan completed pass from small air dunks, career total assists to reach 6115 times, successful beyond – John Havlicek, rose to 28 total assists chart history.
Westbrook in a scraping process, the hand injury,Air Jordan 11 was forced to return to the lounge treatment. It is worth mentioning that Westbrook after the tunnel, because of an unbearable provocation fans, but also with each other to expand mutual curse. And at halftime, the news from a reporter with the team, said the Thunder, Westbrook has been officially retire.
Take this opportunity, the Clippers quickly fray Nike LeBron 11 Elitecontrol. Before the end of the third, Crawford assists Farmar thirds vote, and later his own layup. At this point, the Clippers have been ahead by 8 points.

Preview: James Wong Ross PK leaders want to erase the shame than LA De Bike

Owen in the game against the Knicks performance is quite good, tomorrow encountered Ross, I believe he will play some harder. Carrefour state average, he and James striker combination consisting of the Bulls will make trouble. But the Cavaliers have to find ways to deal with the Bulls inside, the other2014 lebron 12 Online side has Noah, Gasol, Gibson et al., Interior defense is a big test for the Knights.
Gap bench knight main reason for losing the opener, the Knights bench the whole game received a total of 12 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists, while shooting 41.6 percent. The Knicks, they cut a total of 41 points off the bench. Where veteran Shawn Marion and Mike – Miller did not get much playing time, which greatly – Blatter also said that this is their responsibility: “It all comes down to me, and they deserve more playing time. ”
Over the past two seasons, the Bulls always presented understaffed because of injuries, keep attacking the weak and strong image, and now Ross return, the team has also introduced Cheap Lebron XII Shoesa number of offensive midfielder, the Bulls offense finally got upgraded. The new season opener to beat the Knicks, Bulls team has six players in double figures, hit rate reached 50.7%, so the depth to make Ross more confident pronouncements that he is not afraid to fight the depth of the Bulls and Cavaliers, “I thought, everyone saw our depth and more horror of it. “Ross said.
It is worth mentioning that in the preseason this year, the Bulls have had a confrontation with the Knights in that game in the face of James, Owen and Carrefour led the Knights, Ross Nike LeBron 11 EliteH under 30 points a game. Tomorrow again counterpoint Owen, Ross’s performance worthy of attention. In addition, the arrival of Gasol Bulls become another popular Eastern Conference champions, they also need to come through the game with the Knights found the problem of their own existence, so the game is crucial for them.

Hot on the 31st NBA: Kobe Bryant is willing to make the right book to stay two inside the rocket ho

1. Jeremy Bryant is willing to give up the right to organize
Bryant said in an interview that he Nike Lebron 11 Elitewas willing to give up the right to organize the attack and encouraged to take care of the Lakers offense Lin exclusive treatment. “I have full chop points, especially when caught in a crisis in the offensive team. I hope Jeremy Lin to guide the team’s offense, and that is what he is good at something. He is also good at the basket reached the other side, to create opportunities for his teammatesLeBron 12 he can play the role of the horn sounded offensive team. “Bryant said.
2. The rocket will perform two team option
“Houston Chronicle” famous reporter Jonathan – Fagan on Twitter that the Rockets executed two strikers (Terrence – Jones and Donatas – Motel Yunus) in the firstlebron 11 shoe four years of his rookie contract team option.
3. Allen: not yet decided whether to retire
Reports from “Miami Sun-Sentinel newspaper,” said the new NBA season has officially kicked off, but – Ray Allen still did not decide their own future. Allen said that only about one week, he will be able to return to the game state.

Two balls on the individual dual crisis team was Jeremy vowing comprehensively improve

Opener 5 1 vote to get 7 points and 6 assists as well as four turnovers; the second game is not only one-third of 6 points and 1 assist. Lin Lakers start disappointing. Worse,Nike Lebron 12 in Beijing on October 30, Lakers 99 to 119 defeat to the sun, the team lost two straight.
Nash of the season to make the summer transfer Lakers Jeremy Lin became the starting point guard, but the effect is difficult to satisfactory: not calm organized attack, nor is it a sharp break, Jeremy Lin in the field is more hesitant and a look of anxiety.
Talk about their performance, Lin is also very frank and outspoken yet to find the right feeling:. “I’m still constantly to adapt to my role in the field, and as far Nike LeBron 11 Eliteas possible to handle the ball more confident.”
Beginning of the season suffered such embarrassment, in addition to the team running outside is not enough, Lin also exposed a lot of their own deficiencies. Experts commented that this had, Nash pushed back injury to starter Jeremy Lin is not all good. Lin good offensive team to organize their own ball, and the ball in the hands of the starting lineup of Kobe, there is no point Lin ball itself will be magnified projection unstable, making it difficult to play their value. So when asked what areas they need to first solve the problem, Lin very Cheap Lebron 11 Low SEseriously back and said: “every aspect.”
Teams start to do poorly in the western powers lined undoubtedly self-defeating; their sluggish performance, but also just to catch his contract year. Jeremy Lin has been no retreat no reason to fail, or to improve their adaptation team, either in the struggle obliterate all carry.

The 30th NBA: Livingston Taylor admitted that domestic violence girlfriend back at war

Jimmy – Butler sidelined 2-4 weeks
Bulls guard Jimmy – Butler’s sake because of a thumb injury, will be sidelined 2-4 weeks time, this style sturdy guard last season to usher in his NBA career peak, averaging Cheap Lebron 1113.1 points and 4.9 rebounds able to get 2.6 assists and 1.9 steals. However, in this season, Derek – Ross back from injury case, Butler’s offensive role will likely be reduced in comparison.
Multi-team striker Thompson intendsNike Kobe 9 Shoes King
According to various sources, the current number of teams expressed a king among NBA power forward Jason – Thompson’s interest, and provides a number of transactions in the proposal, but the king does not yet determined aspects of whether or not to carry out the transaction. In smaller lineupKobe 9 Shoes conducted among kings, they especially like to let Thompson playing the role of backup center, among the last season, Thompson averaged only 24.5 minutes of playing time, but was able to grab 7.1 points and 6.4 rebounds in the field of remarkable performance.

Rookie coach because of elbow fracture absently Bryant tolerate Warcraft

Specifically, he was asked to say what Howard was the time, Bryant said: “He told me that if I did not want to repeat, I told him he could hear clearly, so I think this is very good. , trash talking has always been part of the NBA, Nike KD VII do not know what time become so sensitive. ”
Speaking fractures Randall, Bryant said: “This team is a very big blow to him is very important for the team, he would have been the team’s support and we look forward to his return, I believe this. the challenge will help him become stronger, Nike Zoom Hyperdunk Loweveryone in our team will return to the team to help him immediately after the game the first time I found him, he said: cheer up, everything will be OK. ”
For the game of injuries, missed almost a year of Bryant gives the wealthy Zen answer:.. “Control you can control, you must put down emotionally down from the rational, we have to put the past it’s hard,Nike LeBron 11 Elite but this is a fact. I rarely think about these things. the only thing I can do is mad efforts, so that they can return to the game. last season I was doing, so I hope you can Randall do. “

Jimmy Lin Hao Shuai bluntly reluctant Harden: Defence is our business card

Beijing time on October 29, 2014, the Los Angeles Lakers ushered in the first regular season of the season, at home against the Houston Rockets. Jiujiang Howard led the Rockets Lakers game with a score of 108 to 90 victory over the Rockets Jeremy Lin and Jiujiang official comeback this season, Bryant led the Lakers. Rockets coach Kevin – Kevin McHale and the Rockets forward James – Harden gave an interview to a reporter after the game.
Harden spoke today at the team’Nike LeBron 11 Elites performance, said: “I ‚Äč‚Äčthink the team did a great job today, I am most pleased that our team this is the direction we have been working well today face execution…. Lakers defense, we have to do is to keep moving the ball and finding the time. for me it, the defense is our business card. we put them in control in the first quarter with 19 points. I think this is our winning key. ”
Rockets coach Kevin McHale for the first performance of the team is very satisfied: “We have a lot in training camp when things need to run, there are many players injured we have 26 trained Howard missed 13 times and only played three. exhibition games. I was actually very nervous our regular season, Nike LeBron 11today’s victory makes me sigh of relief. this season we have a new team, we are still learning, but Howard and James fit very well. new players are integrated into. If we can continue to strengthen the offensive rebounds and our performance will be better. I think our young players played very well. I am very satisfied. ”
In evaluating the performance of today’s Howard said: “The opening of the time, Howard had a lot of very good performance, his rebounding is very good that we are establishing him as the core of the system, the next two weeks he will be truly comfortable into this. teams. ”
Speaking Jiujiang Lin, McHale showed aNike LeBron 11 trace of sadness: “see their team was so good a point guard now playing for others, became his team’s opponents, this feeling is really quite reluctant Jeremy Lin Rockets when outstanding performance, is an important force team. I hope he can start a new career journey in Los Angeles. “

Howard Bryant responded: winning is the last word of other care

NBA Lakers Du deliberately arranged for the Rockets season opener opponent, let Howard return to his old club against old teammate Kobe Bryant and rocket Jiujiang Jeremy Lin. Today’s game is also really did not let NBA disappointed. Kobe Bryant and Howard game once the whirlwind trash attracted fans in the 2014 lebron 12 Onlineaudience to support the virtual sound of thunder Bryant. In the post-match interview. This is obviously a topic of concern is the reporter. Howard scored 13 points in the game 11 rebounds. After the game, Howard looked very relaxed, clothes in the locker transform side gave an interview to a reporter.
Speaking of the game, Howard said: “We won because weAir Jordan 11 are fighting as a team today, this is the most important I think this is a good start…”
Reporters asked him and Bryant soared trash when Howard face again the disdain smile: “We won the game, this is the end result, which is the most important basketball game, something else I do not care . ”
For old club Lakers Howard also refused to talk about in passing: “I had a very good Los Angeles time, and now I entered the next stage of his career, all my focus is on theNike Kobe 9 EM team now on. ”
But Howard today tibial fractures greetings Randall expression: “I very much regret the things I have always believed today that he will have a very good career and I hope him a speedy recovery, I sincerely pray for him…”

Harden Like Rockets hold a red crown traits bearded hope the new season of self-redemption

Beijing October 28, according to “USA Today” reported that in an interview, Harden said that the rockets have good communication within the team atmosphere, while Terry, this is all good teams need to have qualities.
This summer the Rockets lineup adjustments, Nike Air Max 2014the introduction of Ariza and other players, even though the outside world is not optimistic about the prospects for the team, but Harden said the rocket is still a good team.
“This is very good,” Harden said, “coaches and management are very good. My teammates are getting better by each training session. There was a lot of laughter and fun. This is the most important thing. Ball team culture very well. ”
Harden is the Thunder in 2012 was traded to the Rockets, and now he has a rocket core. For these two teams, the Harden were compared.
“(Rockets and Thunder) is a different team, Cheap Nike Roshe Run For Salebut the team culture are very good. Thunder atmosphere is more serious, but here it has a more forgiving. Communication between the players a lot. Everyone can speak freely.” Ha Dengtan statement.
In this regard, the Rockets new aid Terry also gave recognition, in his view, such communication is very important. “When I played for all the teams, especially good team, communication is very important role in where.” Terry said.
It is worth mentioning that the playoffs last season, the Rockets stop the first round, in the meantime, Harden’s offensive efficiency is not ideal, which shot just 37.6 percent. Harden appears in the new season, they need to complete the self-salvation.
“End the way last season is not ideal. Air Force 1 Shoes SaleBut now have a new opportunity. Although there are many new faces, but we feel very excited. We did well in the preseason.” Harden admitted.

The 27th NBA: Butler injury improved Calderon attended opener

In today’s training Bulls, Jimmy left thumb injury – Butler did not attend, at the end of the training he had some shooting training. Bulls coach – Tom Thibodeau said of Butler injury,Wholesale Cheap Air Jordan 1 Mid “Yeah, good point, which is a good sign, we will look at his specific situation.” Even so, Thibodeau also said he does not Butler will be able to attend in advance of the regular-season opener conclusions. If Butler can not play, Kirk – Kirk Hinrich is expected starter.
Byron – Davis appeared Lakers Training Course
Former NBA star Byron – Davis appeared the Lakers training Nike Kobe 9 Shoescenter today, but Davis was not to help the Lakers point guard solve the problem,, he just came to visit at the former mentor Scott. It is understood that Davis is shooting a documentary. Davis in the 1999-2000 season with the identity of the third overall pick to join NBA, five seasons before his career is at the time the Hornets (now Pelican) spent 2002 with the 2004 NBA All-Star twice. Then joined theNike Air Jordan 29 Warriors, where the creation of a “black eight miracle.” Davis appeared in the NBA arena or in the 2001-12 season, when he played for the Knicks 29 games, averaging 6.1 points and 4.7 assists.