29 Morning: Rocket Jiujiang Lu joined the Nuggets Celtics cut three small

Okur as the Jazz Ambassadors
Utah Jazz announced, who played for the team for many years the Turkish center Mehmet – Okur was officially appointed as the team’s ambassador. Jazz president Randy – Rigby said Okur is the ideal candidate for this position. Sources also said before, Okur will serve as a consultant Jazz and guidance Turkish fellow Canterbury center technology. Okur in 2002 to enter the NBA, the Pistons played first two seasons and won, then the Jazz fought for seven years. In Utah during Okur averaged 15.3 points 7.6 rebounds 1.9 assists as a center two meters tall and 11 three-point shooting rate reached 38.1 percent terror.
Celtic cut Lu three less
John Knight before being traded to the Celtics – Celtics Lucas III was officially laid off. Lucas has played in the NBA and the CBA’s Shanghai rocket team, the fans called Lu three less. Lucas also removed many teams this summer, first was traded from the Jazz to the Knights, and subsequently was sent to the Celtics, then was cut. Lucas Jazz last season, averaging 1.9 points. In addition to Lucas, the same time there are retrenched Malcolm – Thomas. Celtic players after the transaction seriously overweight, leading to an agreement before Evan – Turner delay in formally signed. Cut Lucas and Thomas Turner will make the signing of places.

Jeremy Lin and Nash had joint training for several days to get along very harmoniously without infighting worries

This summer, the Lakers and Rockets were traded for Jeremy Lin, who is seen as the majority of the industry is the Grand Army of the new season starting point guard. However, some experts pointed out that Nash current physical condition is good, coupled with his rich experience, so are more likely to serve as starter.
Jeremy Lin has always been low-key modesty, said in an interview, either starting or playing off the bench, the team will strive to make the greatest contribution, in order to avoid competition with Nash’s squad topic.
In the imagination of many fans, between Lin and Nash should be filled with a deep sense of gunpowder. But in fact, the relationship between the two of them are not bad, even very friendly.
“Kupchak told me that Jeremy Lin and Steve Nash this off-season has been training together, they often learn to soak in the training room.” Expert Arash – 马卡兹 on Twitter puliao road.
Before the interview when Jeremy Lin has said publicly that Nash on the court is a very wise player, rich game experience will bring great benefit to their own. Jeremy Lin is still humble at the same time said he was eager to learn more Nash and Kobe Bryant.
As we all know, Jeremy Lin off the court is a very naughty boy, and like some prank video released on personal social media. Before he had uploaded a small kitchen dunks mom clips, a few days before he uploaded a melodrama composed of more than one small video in which Nash stunning cameo appearances.
In this long five minutes of video, Nash has been to the last scene did not show up, but the comedy is very good, giving the left a very deep impression.
More intriguing is that, as Lin’s team competitor, Nash looks pretty good relationship with the former. In fact, Nash is the NBA insiders recognized nice guy, and a lot of players have maintained good relations, such as Yao Ming.
For the Lakers, Nash and Jeremy Lin get along, no doubt is a positive signal. Some experts believe that the new season will be more of Kobe role as spiritual leader, while Jeremy Lin and Nash will need to assume more responsibility.
Lakers coach Byron – Scott, Jeremy Lin was very discouraged, he dedicated to Jeremy Lin special treatment in a recent training in the hope that the latter into the new system as soon as possible.

To chase the black knight exposure Yao Ming is expected to assistant James Hibbert red crown

According to the famous American basketball expert Evan – Messi revealed the news source said that Walker has already received the Knight intends to buy Hibbert request.
This summer, the Knights of the lineup adjustments, the introduction of Carrefour such as James and star players, from the current situation, Knight is one of the contenders for the championship this season.
But it seems a lot of people in the industry, Knight and now there is a major weakness, and that is interior defense problem. Prior to include Mozgov and many other big players included, and the Cavaliers have spread over the “scandal.”
It is reported that Knight intends to chase Pacers center Hibbert. A source revealed that the Pacers have received a request from the Knights Buy.
From the case this year, the offseason, the Pacers for trading Hibbert is open-minded, but the team did not receive a satisfactory offer terms.
It is worth mentioning that, after the news source said that Walker had intended to deal with Hibbert sun Golan – Dragic, but ultimately did not succeed.
From the technical characteristics of view, Hibbert is suitable for today’s Cleveland Cavaliers, especially on the defensive end especially. NBA career so far, sent Hibbert averaged 1.9 blocks per game.
For Knight, if successful get Hibbert, then his arrival, will greatly enhance the strength of the team’s interior defense, which adds weight to the team red crown.
According to sources, the deal is not imminent, now still in its infancy. For the Cavaliers, the team we can provide what a bargaining chip, will be a key factor in the success of the transaction.
Contract Salary Hibbert new season is about $ 14.89 million, while in the summer of next year will have a player option. From the existing situation, Tristan – Thompson and Waiters likely to become a major bargaining chip Knight sent.
Thompson is the knight season starting power forward, but due to the arrival of Carrefour, Thompson new season is likely to become a substitute. There was news source says Thompson hopes to get a new contract at an annual salary of ten million U.S. dollars level. But for now the Knights, this may be difficult to meet.
And Waiters Knight shooting guard off the bench last season, it is worth noting that yes, James has added to its favor, the latter has indicated that it wants to become the first team.
Still, if they can use Waiters return post player such as Hibbert, then for the Cavaliers, this is clearly a worthwhile operation.

Marion: James Wong Pacers signed almost four text messages to get me

Shawn – Shawn Marion joined Knight in the summer, let Knight menace. Marion recently in an interview that he is because LeBron – James before choosing Knight, James, with four messages to get their own.
Marion joined the knights mentioned is a very easy decision, he do not even have to think too much, James, four text messages in exchange for his promise. “It’s very simple and fast, does not require selling anything.” Marion said.
“We need you to come here, you will become an important part of the factor.” James wrote in one of the text messages.
Marion Although already 36 years old, but still maintained a good state, last season, averaging 10.4 points and 6.5 rebounds and 1.2 still steals while shooting 48.2 percent, still efficient, he is very popular in this summer’s free-agent market. Before signing with the Cavaliers, Marion has also been approached with the Pacers, while the Cavaliers get Kevin – Carrefour’s trading after Marion soon chose to jump knight.
“When Larry – Bird contact you, ask you to sit down and negotiate, you have to respect him, but he kept NBA legend, I told him and his team very admired, if Paul – George to stay healthy, may be more suitable but at this stage of his career, it (joining Knight) would be a better decision. “Marion said frankly.
Knights final year with a $ 1.4 million base salary is signed Marion, and Walker apparently can give a higher offer. “I also hope to increase their honor, fight for the championship.” Marion said, “Only James is not enough, I waited a very long time. This money does not matter, I’m doing well in this league , before they had to give up a lot of salary, I hope to get the chance to win a championship. ”
If you look at those actions Marion court, it may be difficult to imagine that he is already a 36-year-old veteran. “For a long time to maintain a high level is not easy, I was lucky not to suffer any major injuries, we have a good training team, allow me to keep in good condition.” Marion said.

76 Rookie return date is difficult given the “rookie” season data par legend

According to the official website of NBA China news, Philadelphia 76ers guard Michael – Carter – Williams still not sure whether you can successfully rejoin.

迈卡威 is the NBA Rookie of the Year, he was on the right shoulder in May had surgery to repair torn muscles. 76ers coach Brett Brown – said 迈卡威 can not determine training camp Tuesday as scheduled return time in the United States.

迈卡威 since the 1950-51 season, averaging in scoring (16.7), rebounds (6.3) and assists (6.2), one of the leading all aspects of three players, two other players are: Oscar – Robert Sen (1960-61) and Alban – Adams (1975-76). Allen – Allen Iverson is a player the 76ers got another history of Rookie of the Year.

迈卡威 said he has been training for two and a half months of shooting, hoping to smooth return after the regular season begins.
(Editor: Yang Cheng) Original title: 76 Rookie difficulty setting rookie season return date data par legend

Old fish: more than learning to Jackson Sloan Nelson also my mentor

The New York Post “reported that the Knicks rookie coach Derek – Derek Fisher was announced in the media, they are not Phil Jackson – clone or puppet, he also learned from his career under the tutelage of the essence of five different coaches.
Fisher in the “Zen Master” Jackson Five men won the championship, but he also is Jerry – Sloan (06-07 Utah Jazz), Don – Nelson (04-05 season, the Warriors 05-06 ), Rick – Carroll (12-13 season briefly played the Dallas Mavericks), del – Harris (98-99 season, the Lakers), Scott – Brooks (12-13 season 13-14 season, the Thunder). However, Jackson played for the longest Fisher, he is also one of the most favorite disciple Jackson.
“Of course I am not Jackson.” Fisher said, “career, I have had a lot of basketball experience, through Jackson learn a lot while I also get a lot of inspiration from other coaches, where the great leader and a great teammate.”
Fisher retired to become a head coach, this rarely seen in basketball. Even when Jackson are the first two seasons in New Jersey and Albany assistant coach to head coach of the home team five seasons, go to the Chicago Bulls as NBA head coach. Fisher said, “I will not imitate to become so and so, will not become a second Jackson, I am me.” Jackson hired a lot of great caliber as the old fish left arm and right arm, the former Lakers assistant Jimmy – Keli Meng Adams, the former NBA star Cote – Thomas will enter the Knicks coaching staff.
On paper, the Knicks strength is not weak, each location has a deep bench, in the east should be able to enter the playoffs. Among the 12-13 season, the Knicks made ​​54 wins last season because of injuries and other reasons the team record decline. Carmelo Anthony – Amare – Amare Stoudemire is still the pinnacle of the state, melon for the new season has been to lose weight.

The 28th NBA: Rose debut Cole transformation Curry still limited defense

NBA teams preparing for the stage and gradually into the new season, which means that 14-15 season approaching, NBA today main news as follows:
Cole transformation Curry defense
Golden State Warriors head coach – Stephen Curry defender Cole believes should not just an offensive player, according to the “San Francisco Bay” report, Cole sent a special assistant coach to improve Curry defense, “I’ve seen Curry the game video, he has the potential to become a good defensive player, and next season we will strive throughout the year among the “Cole expects Curry to be like Chris Paul – like defense, strong ability to fight with tackling ability.
Ross playing time will be limited
Chicago Bulls Derrick new season will be strictly controlled – Rose playing time, preliminary plans to let Rose played 30 minutes per game around. New season, the Bulls will not ventured to the excessive use of Ross, in some back to back games in Ross probably will not play. Ross on the basketball World Cup explosive seemingly back the old state, but a jumper lackluster. 13-14 season, Ross comeback only played ten games on reimbursement.
Evans sidelined 3-5 weeks
Pelican team guard Tyreke – Evans suffered right leg muscle strain, will be out for 3-5 weeks. Team manager said, “Tyreke last week outside playing amateur basketball game when a strained hamstring he has returned to New Orleans to recover, and we hope that he can catch the season opener.” Evans on season Pelican 72 appearances, played just 28.2 minutes, 14.5 points, 4.7 rebounds and 5.0 assists.
Knight Trading Bogans trade exception in return
According to ESPN Mark – Stern reported that they had previously been Keith – Keith Bogans to the Philadelphia 76ers. Knight will get the deal of $ 5.3 million trade exception, as well as access to a protected person from the 76 draft picks in 2015. Philadelphia 76ers will get the deal Bogans (5.3 million dollars contract for next season for insecurity), and a 2018 second-round draft picks.
Warriors sign Kapono into training camp
Golden State Warriors and Kapono signed a training camp contract, Jason Kapono played nine seasons in the NBA, averaging 6.7 points a career 1.7 rebounds, good pointers, which in 2006 helped the Miami Heat wins get the championship, in 2007 and 2008 All-Star Three-Point Shootout champion Jason Kapono left the league for 12 years went to Greece to play.
Fisher believes Stoudemire state
New York Knicks coach Derek – Derek Fisher on the small Andean state of confidence, “Amare body looks great, he looks very good condition, will be healthy attitude into the new season, I think he has reached this goal up, but at some point, his knee is still a problem, we need to control him playing time in some respects, he was excited for the new season. “

Player ranking: 217 Motel Yunus soaring eagle Titans 251

ESPN continue to offer the player rankings, today announced the first 201 to the first 220 players, the Rockets forward Motel Yunus ranked No. 217, a slight increase over the previous season. Eagles midfielder Perot – Anthich ranked 214, compared with 465 last year, soaring 251.
“Houston is still waiting for him to develop his own advantage, become a darling, but now that he has a seven feet tall and three-point shooting ability of the players.” Expert David – Ray Motel Yunus in to write a review of this to.
Motel Yunus 23 years old, height 2 meters 14, is a 2011 first-round pick No. 20. In the past this season, Motel Yunus played 62 times, averaging 15.4 minutes, 5.5 points 3.6 rebounds, 1.4 three-point shot all stadium, shooting 25 percent. Compared with last year, a slight increase rankings Motel Yunus, last year ranked No. 244 Motel Yunus.
Currently there are seven players rocket has not yet appeared on the list, which means that they have reached to the front 200 among which seven players are: Harden, Howard, Trevor Ariza, Jones, Beverly, Pa 帕尼古拉乌, Capella.
The nearest distance between the front 200 Celtic player was forward Brandon – Bass, he was ranked No. 201 this year, down slightly from 158 last year. Bass followed Wizards power forward DeJuan – Blair, then it is the Hornets (formerly Charlotte Bobcats) inside the star Cody – Zeller and Bulls guard Kirk – Kirk Hinrich. Before the rocket Bird, now forward Carl King – Landry ranked 205, down from 141 last year.
From 206 through 208, respectively, Jordan – Crawford, Randy – Randy Foye and this – Maikelimo. Once called “parallel champion” Anthony – Bennett ranked No. 209, and in last year’s rankings, he is the first 133. This summer the Bucks traded Jared – Dudley ranked No. 210.
Two surname Williams appeared between 211 to second place from the first 215. 2005′s second place show Marvin – Williams ranked No. 212, 2011, second place Derek – Williams, ranked No. 215. Last year’s CJ- Myers ranked 270 this year, the rapid increase to the first 211. The first 213 Thunder pitcher Jeremy – Lamb, the first 214 are inside the Hawks Perot – Antic, who last year ranked 465, now soaring 251, is one of the largest players in this year’s increases.
Mirza – Taylor Bulatovic ranked No. 216, Evan – Turner ranked No. 220. In addition to the three middle Motel Yunus, there are two high rookie, one is the 8th show from Kings Nick – Stout Ilgauskas, one is the 4th show from Orlando Aaron – Gordon. The former section 218, which is the first 219. “Gordon new season playing time may not too much, but the future is very bright.” Expert David – Ray reviews said.

Jeremy: OTC revenue originally able to give more opportunities to make money for basketball

News from the “Chicago Tribune”, and Lin recently in an interview, talked about the topic of income outside their stadium. Jeremy said that two years ago, through the forest crazy propaganda effect, he could have earned more money. But in the book seems ho, compared to playing in the commercial level profit is clearly not his most valued.
“Despite the clear specific numbers, but if (then) I accept all the invitations, then I revenue outside the stadium, pay a lot more than I play,” Lin said, “even in this (player) contracts after the end. ”
Since early 2012, the forest is sweeping the globe, the commercial value of the book-ho on the rapid rise. Later that summer, the Rockets with a three-year 25 million dollar ho big contract to sign and return the book, but also its high degree of concern mainly fancy.
In addition, as of now, the book has a number of well-known brands ho endorsement, which both shoes manufacturers, there are fast food and large companies in the automotive industry.
But earlier this year, Forbes statistics NBA player endorsements list, the name of the book ho did not appear the first ten. Obviously, the choice of endorsement on the sidelines, Lin and his team have been quite cautious. Because too many commercial activities to participate in, and let the normal training and competition are affected, this is the book ho unacceptable.
“We reject almost all invitations, just because my main goal is to play basketball, I need outstanding performance, and fight for the glory of God,” Lin said, “something very interesting off-great, but compared than in our main work, these are minor. ”
Of course, even Jeremy Lin and vendors will not bother to contact, but based on his current high popularity, a steady stream of endorsement contracts still coming towards him. Earlier there was news that, after the book ho summer switch to the Lakers. Rocket’s main sponsor – one of Taiwan’s famous Maxxis tire companies, but also to follow the footsteps of the book ho, settled in Los Angeles, the Lakers became the new sponsor.
And yesterday, sources said, since the media Lin on YouTube operations, will join the sport’s Whistle. You know, the forest has 400,000 subscribers on YouTube channel this summer as he joined the Lakers, this figure will continue to improve.
But for this business cooperation, Lin also gives some instructions, “We do this thing in mind is not for money,” the book says Howe, between “us (and Whistle Sports) does have a working relationship, but we have do a lot of things, purely just for the fans. “(Poirot)

Owen has no intention right scrimmage with James Wong Lok Fu: red crown is willing to sacrifice to help the Knights

Owen was in the first round of the 2011 NBA Draft first overall pick Knight, the NBA. From the previous situation, although Owen individuals doing well, but Knight’s record is not ideal. In this regard, Owen expressed a view.
“Everything was not according to plan, but I personally feel this is not a problem,” Owen said, “I learn from the failure of last season, including all well and bad aspects, as I have said, I was a young player, you need to find the way. ”
As a point guard player in the league since Owen was selfish label affixed outside. In this regard, Owen said he has been doing things that are required.
“I’m just going to score, because I was asked to do,” Owen admitted that “in order to all of us, I have to do it, so can make the team in the best position to win.”
For Owen, the summer is very special, he helped the U.S. men’s basketball team won the World Cup in Spain, in the meantime, he also won the Most Valuable Player title.
Not only that, he played for the Cleveland Cavaliers had a good operation, the introduction of Carrefour such as James and star players.
It seems a lot of people in the industry, the arrival of James, will make the ball Owen declined. In this regard, Owen said he did not care.
“Every time I would do the shooting preparation,” Owen said, “If I was without the ball, I will do a good job to go shooting. Anyway are going to win.”
Like Owen, Carrefour since entering the league, personal data out of color, but had the effect of poor Minnesota record. In Carrefour opinion, joined Knight, is to be able to win the championship.
“A lot of people want to say a championship,” Le 福坦 words, “This is a very good state of mind, because we want to have the pressure that we hope that we will be regarded as one of the best teams, because we will own responsible for. ”
After joining the Cavaliers, LeBron James and Owen, who because of the presence, for the purposes of Carrefour, will probably mean that personal data will decline. In this regard, Carrefour appreciate.
“I’ve seen players like Wade and others need to make sacrifices if I would not go to make sacrifices, then it is obviously lying. Long as they can to help the team win, I’m willing to do anything.” Yue Fu said.