The Lakers’ two rookie or into a huge potential future leaders make singles Wang Zhenjing

USA media Lakers Nation reports. Lakers guard Nick Yang in an interview, talked about the team rookie he Randall and Jordan – Clarkson, says it has taken this two rookie Nike KD VI Elite.
In this year’s NBA draft, the Lakers CIS’s selected in the seventh, Clarkson is this year’s forty-sixth cis position player, he is also the Lakers this summer the Las Vegas Summer League in scoring.
“I told Julius that the ball can be surprised, he can also jump.” Yang said.
Yang Tan Daokelakesen: “Jordan, he can put the ball in the basket with ease, in that height, as a point guard and he will let the defender very uncomfortable Nike Kids Sneakers.”
Randall has enormous potential, Clarkson also proved to be an excellent ball control guard.
Of the two players in the personal growth will play a huge role in the future development of the lakers.
The Lakers will soon become a “Kobe era”, whether it is Randall, or Clarkson, it might be a “major force in the post Kobe era” Nike LeBron 11 Low.

Experts said the harden defense reputation Hanyuan underestimated the future large space

Harden on the defensive reputation has not been very good, the outside thinks he is the worst defender, but such evaluation is fair to him? Let us listen to the beautiful media expert opinion — Dylan Murphy
When the opponent is the breakthrough to the basket, Haddon often on the opponent interference is not enough, rarely use their footwork to block the ball, resulting in easy scoring opportunities, and this is the most let a person spit harden place Nike LeBron 11 Elite.
The defense is mainly lies in the combination of skill and efficiency, good defender can make the judgment according to the attacker’s footsteps and action, then the interference on the shooting, absolutely not give opponents open shot opportunities; and the great defender can throw the opponent out comfortable position, and cut off the path of motion.
Although the harden under speed, but he has enough size and physical strength, this is he in defensive advantage. Thin the defender often give up on the competition for space, avoid unnecessary fouls; and strong defender advance in against rivals is obviously much better, for the referee, they’re playing the penalty is often biased in favor of the stronger party. Of course, pure strength is obviously insufficient. Smart defender to choose sites, according to the opponent’s moves ahead of time to occupy a better position Nike LeBron 11.
Before the columnist Chris – Sheridan is talking about harden defense, he mentioned some of the staff themselves and USA men’s basketball team has been in contact, they are generally of the view that harden defense has no small progress, at least over the previous two years much better, in fact this last season in the NBA race had begun.
The network about harden bad defensive highlights many, but the NBA players who do not have some embarrassing moment? So it doesn’t mean that what. The fans watching Haddon game often take a magnifying glass, often magnified him on the defensive end error. I’m not as he is on the defensive side of those mistakes excuse, no resistance to abandon defensive is absolutely no excuse.
The defense is the work of five, any link omissions may cause all is lost, the importance of the overall defense more than any other single anti. But Harden’s defense is obviously not imagined is so poor, he still occasionally in the defensive end flash. No matter whether can make harden the future expectations, to make a long story short, he must first from the efficiency of Nike KD VI.

Experts deny rocket contact Special Olympics European Super guard accidentally to NBA

“Houston Jishibao” reporter Jonathan Fagan in answering fan questions, asked whether the Rockets fans and Serbia ace Milosz – showing tremendous enthusiasm of conversation, Fagan said, “I learned that the two sides did not talk.”
Teodosic height 1 meters 96, 27 years old, on the basketball world cup he was the 2009 election rookie, in fact in recent years, a lot of extending an olive branch to the NBA team. The Serbia guard 2010 World Championships making reputation, the Special Olympics winner of World Championships in spain. The Rockets began to pay attention to the European Super guard in 2010 when the Rockets once, even to a bid for Teodosic, but Teodosic a lukewarm response to rocket 2014 KD Shoes.
The summer of 2013, a quarter of the Minnesota Timberwolves and CSKA Moscow before the game, Teodosic came off the bench to get 26 points and 5 rebounds, 9 assists, at the time of the Memphis Grizzlies also to the Special Olympics made a formal offer special Olympics, but eager to win a Champions leagues refused the Grizzlies invitation.
Teodosic joined Nirvana performances at the world cup, in the past two knockout, respectively in Brazil scored 23 points and 4 assists, for the French team had 24 points and 3 assists, he led the Serbia team in the finals, will compete for the gold medal with the team, last America, Shiki will challenge Kaili – Erwin, Derek – Ross led the American guard line Cheap Lebron XII Shoes.
Teodosic were again attracted attention with the NBA team, projection and organizational capabilities can be based on ability in NBA, he was 27 years old when it comes to play in the. However, in June of this year, he just and the central army team contract for three years, it seems that the European top guard hopes to join NBA Nike Air Yeezy II.

Embarrassed! Harden riding the electric car crashed into a guardrail embarrassing scene guide people laugh

Spain’s world cup into the truce stage, USA team also rarely use the break time to relax a. Recently, the Rockets star Harden is riding on a small electric car on the street, but the technology is not refined he narrowly escaped injury Nike LeBron 11 Low.
Haddon bike crashed guardrail left off in case of beauty to deliver to the road
On arrival in Barcelona, America team the rest of the day, the day you go on the streets. Harden is no exception, he is riding a Segway scooter, walked briskly through the crowd, while browsing the scenery.
Perhaps the electric scooter’s master is not very skilled, when traveling on a bridge in Haddon, to the problem. His car was a way forward, Haddon did not notice at the foot of the road, still go with head high and chest out watching from wearing sunglasses in the distant scenery Nike Kobe 9 Shoes, suddenly the car wheels on the card next to a small fence, Haddon directly alongside the car hit, a good big reel. Behind a man riding a bicycle is harden this come unexpectedly a got almost rear brake in time, fortunately.
After the panic, Haddon ran back up to his car, and an oncoming women talk, it seems as if to her car in the query operation. The other is a smiling face to tell him, after the adjustment, harden again ride, and continue to move forward.
Although Haddon is a big star, in the course of all-powerful, but in ordinary street, he occasionally reveals the mortal side or let people laugh at Nike LeBron 12.

James a words shocked Le Fu: ready for the finals!

Lok Fu (micro-blog) some criticism bear in Minnesota potency, he joined Knight this criticism more into some concern — Lok Fu in the League for 6 years, have never played in the playoffs. Lok Fu acknowledges that no playoff experience really brought him feel pressure and suffering, but he is revealed: James’s words made him very shocked — do the June finals preparations Nike LeBron 11!
Lok Fu NBA into the 6 season averaged 19.2 points, 12.2 rebounds and 2.5 assists, he averages two seasons to reach 26 points, 3 rebounds over the season 13, season assist averages also increased to 4.5 times. But in contrast to personal wonderful data, Lok Fu in the forest wolf 6 years had been unable to help the team into the playoffs; now he joined knight, it a little more become the focus of public opinion hot fans.
“It is indeed very difficult.” Lok Fu that haven’t played in the playoffs to make him very uncomfortable, “but if you so that I am not happy when I was in Minneapolis, it wouldn’t be right.” Lok Fu is clear to knight, to sense from the strength of the team level pressure, in the upgrade. “I want to be in the playoffs to make some adjustment.” Lok Fu said, “Lebron has been with me through the gully, (he told me) I need to do next June to play for in the psychology. It really shocked me, this is what I want to do Nike KD 7.”
“The June Games” this formulation, apparently means “finals”. Knight has been hyped as the next season’s title hopes team, Le Fu not only to do a good job in the playoffs to travel prepared psychologically, physically also need — he withdrew from the Olympic USA national team, then public opinion thinks this is to “complete” to ensure healthy attitude to join the Knights of the transaction, but now it seems this summer, more rest to Lok Fu with the knight “travel” form a good. So actively preparing for the mental and physical, to compensate for the Lok Fu playoff experience you lack?
Lok Fu with America team feel the process of 2012 Olympic Games gold medal, in his first season at University of California at Los Angeles, has also helped the team in the NCAA final four knights; general manager David Griffin believes the experience can make up for the life experience in the playoffs, “Kevin to win the Olympic Games and world championships.” Griffin said, “he is a special player, in the university when he was a winner of the descent, he has a winning basketball IQ, so I think he will be very, very quickly to show the level (Ji Housai) Nike LeBron 12.”

Scola: the world out of Brazil are a thing of the past

The Argentina team will face the Brazil team in the knockout stage, four years ago the World Championships (now renamed the world cup), the Argentina team in the tournament against the Brazil team.
“A game is not important,” Argentina team captain Lewis – Scola said, “they have forgotten that, we too, because there has been four years of distance between this. This will be a completely different game, I also want to say again, we must forget that Nike KD VI Elite, then the best match.”
During the first round group stage, Scola averaged 21.6 points and 8.8 rebounds, quite good.
“We believe that we can and any opponents, that is the most important. If we can play the best way, we have a chance of winning, but we must find the play that game in forty minutes Nike LeBron 12.”

German artist label giant LBJ head!

Recently, an artist by means of famous brand into a huge portrait of Lebron posters displayed outdoors, triggered by the Emperor himself attention.
Lebron today updated a picture on his personal instagram space, the content is a huge outdoor posters, seems to be posted in a building wall, the distance is far, the resolution is not clear, there may be a projection technology play out. But this is not the focus, focus, this picture of the Lebron head portrait is composed of Nike logo, different size, different colors, but the overall look shocked appearing again in harmony 2014 Kobe Christmas.
“The German artist Andy Grunberg Nike logo made solid model of me, all is to use these symbols to. This is crazy!! I also want to give their houses to a picture of the. Help me find him as soon as possible!!” Lebron added that in the photo.
In addition, Lebron also played the “# awesome”, “# love art”, “great efforts” label Nike LeBron 11 Low.
This summer, Lebron left the heat back to old club knight, although did not participate in the Spanish men’s Basketball World Cup, but Lebron is still very busy. He went overseas to attend a number of commercial activities, not long ago he took a friend Wade’s wedding, and recently appeared university football games, and little brother Bledsoe with self driving travel, personal travel is full when.
Of course, do not know Lebron issued such a “human instruction”, his fans can let him be successful because of. In fact, with Lebron’s own reputation, if he wanted to contact the artist, to his home on a same art is by no means easy to Nike LeBron 11 Elite.

Sapatos Nike premier FIFA rejects calls to strip Russia of World Cup

FIFA rejected calls to move the 2018 World Cup from Russia, saying the tournament “can achieve positive change.”Some lawmakers in Germany want the hosting rights reviewed because of Russia’s alleged involvement in shooting down a Malaysia Airlines plane over Ukraine last week.Political pressure on Russia increased Friday when the European Union sought to freeze assets and restrict travel for more individuals and businesses.FIFA said in a statement it “deplores any form of violence” and questions the purpose of relocating the showcase tournament.”History has shown so Sapatos Nike premier that boycotting sport events or a policy of isolation or confrontation are not the most effective ways to solve problems,” FIFA said, adding that global attention on the World Cup “can be a powerful catalyst for constructive dialogue between people and governments.”The conflict between Ukraine and pro-Russia separatist rebels escalated days after the World Cup ended in Brazil.On July 13 in Rio de Janeiro, Russian President Vladimir Putin attended a World Cup handover ceremony with Brazilian counterpart Dilma Rousseff. Both then sat next to FIFA President Sepp Blatter to watch the final at the Maracana Stadium, won by Germany.FIFA, which has Nike Lebron 11 Elite Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko on its executive committee, said a World Cup in the country “can be a force for good.””FIFA believes this will be the case for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia,” the governing body said.Blatter already rejected calls to strip Russia of the tournament after it annexed the Crimea this year.”The World Cup has been given and voted to Russia and we are going forward with our work,” Blatter said in March.In a separate statement Friday, Mutko said a U.S.-led boycott of the 1980 Moscow Olympics had been a mistake.”So there’s no sense in reacting to politicians trying to names for themselves,” Mutko was quoted saying by the Russian news agency R-Sport. “We’re preparing in a calm way, building facilities, getting ready for the World Cup.”Russia has announced a $20 billion budget for building and renovating 12 stadiums, and other construction projects, for the first World Cup in Eastern Europe.Restricting Russian financial institutions’ access to European capital markets was suggested to a meeting of EU ambassadors in Brussels on Friday. The 28-nation bloc is scheduled to further discuss the subject Tuesday.”FIFA has stated many times that sport should be outside politics,” Mutko said. “Hosting an event like this, we’re doing it for athletes from all over the world, for footballers, for the fans.”

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Nike HyperVenom Football Boots Orlando drops church lawsuitmoving MLS stadium

The City of Orlando is Nike HyperVenom Football Boots eminent domain proceedings against a church that had been holding up construction of a new downtown Major League Soccer stadium, and is opting instead to adjust its planned location.Mayor Buddy Dyer announced the decision Monday along with Orlando City Soccer Club officials. The city is purchasing an additional parcel of land that will allow it to move the location of the new stadium one block west of the original site, leaving Faith Deliverance Temple untouched.Church officials said last month they didn’t want to sell their property, which sat in the middle of the planned development for the $100 million stadium.That came as a surprise to city officials, who had been in negotiations with the church to purchase its land. It had previously offered the church as much as $4 million for its land, but it was rejected. The city filed eminent domain proceedings in May.Dyer said that after the church announced that it would fight that lawsuit, and because of “the unpredictable cost and timeline that could come with the legal proceedings,” city officials began to look for alternatives. They found one when financial services company BBIF expressed interest recently in selling its property.”With the sale final and a thorough due diligence process completed just last week, we determined that shifting the soccer stadium to Chaussures de Football Mercurial west was possible and actually presents a better opportunity for the city, the team, Faith Deliverance Temple and our residents,” Dyer said.Andrew Prince Brigham, an attorney for Faith Deliverance Church, said the city’s decision was “an answer to prayer and victory for property rights.””The church made a decision that it was not going to be about the money,” Brigham told The Associated Press. “In defending their property rights, Deliverance Temple told the city ‘No, you can’t take the property.’ At times it’s not all or nothing question. We found out the City of Orlando could move forward, but it had to be resourceful.”BBIF is located where the Carver Theatre which was demolished in 2005 once stood in the predominantly African-American Parramore district.Orlando City SC will play its first MLS season in 2015 in the Florida Citrus Bowl. Construction on the new 19,500-seat stadium is scheduled to break ground this fall. The City of Orlando will own and operate the new stadium. Orlando City SC is contributing 50 percent of the costs for construction, as well as for any cost overruns.The team plans to move into the new facility in time for the 2016 MLS season.”We applaud the mayor for finding an alternative solution that is a win for everyone involved,” Orlando City President Phil Rawlins said in a statement. “We recognize the rich tradition of the (Parramore) community and its deep connection to residents. Therefore, we will incorporate elements into the stadium, such as the Carver name in respect to the legendary theatre that resided there on the site many years ago.”The team said the basic design of the stadium remains unchanged despite the location adjustment and that the new site will includes enhanced match day experiences including additional plaza areas and parking.

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chaussures de foot pas cher Silverware the motivation for Valbuenas move

The 29-year-old left for Russia on Saturday after eight years at the Stade chaussures de foot pas cher having been linked with UEFA Europa League champions Sevilla as well as Premier League clubs West Ham and QPR.Despite his move to the Russian top flightraising eyebrows, especially after someimpressive performances at the World Cup in Brazil, Valbuena clams it is a move he had to make.Valbuena picked up a number of domestic trophies during his time at Marseille, but is eager to finish his career by earning more silverware and believesDinamo will give him that opportunity."The Russian league is less known but it is at a good level," he said on Tuesday."This is not a choice made by default, I can not wait to start. Tiffany Diamond find it hard to accept turning 30 and being late in my career but it is a fact."We do not know what might happen next, but the important thing is that I flourish." Marseille suffered a tumultuous campaign last time out as Baup was sacked midway through the season and replaced by Jose Anigo on an interim basis.Marcelo Bielsa has since taken the reins, but Valbuena feels it was the right time for him to leave."We had to discuss with Bielsa but everything went very quickly," he added."Last yearat Marseillewas a little complicated. Not really bad but not what I expected. It was time to move on."Dinamo showed me a lot of interest. The coach wanted me since 2008 when [Marseille]played against Spartak Moscow."The club has a real sportingproject. They want to win everything. It pleased me andI want to help them progress. This is a deliberate decision."

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